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XNA 4.0 Red X Exceptions

So I’m developing a windows application that uses XNA 4.0 embedded in a custom windows control. The main issue I have is when the code inside that embedded control errors out, the windows form and control result in a big red X across the control instead of stopping and going to the debugger so I can find out where the issue is. I’m using Visual Studio 2010 Express since my … Continue reading

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Android Eclipse Issue: Unparsed aapt error Unknown Android Packaging Problem

I added my first menu to an Android application through Right-click on the project in New >> Other… >> (Android) >> XML file. After editing the file I tried running it and received this error: Unparsed aapt error(s)! Check the console for output. PROJECT_NAME Unknown Android Packaging Problem A google search brought up a few results which helped. All you need to do is access the Eclipse IDE menu item: … Continue reading

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