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JavaScript Tip: Submit Form On Enter Key

A common practice with search forms is to have them submit when the enter key is pressed, instead of requiring the user to use their mouse to press the submit button (or using tab key to tab to the submit button). Update: I attempted to find a solution for working in Firefox, but the code I added has not been tested personally. Here is a simple way to do that … Continue reading

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Objects in Javascript

Javascript does not use a standard class model. It uses objects that are like associative array structures of data, or so I have read. Regardless of how it works, you can make a class-ish type construct in Javascript. I’ll try to go over the basics here to help anyone who is interested. Objects are defined by creating a new function. Inside the function you can define variables and methods that … Continue reading

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Javascript Rant

I’ve been working on something recently where I decided to have most of the program run in a client’s browser. It’s basically a blog system that works with that asp-xml-to-access-db class. The clients browser sends/requests information in XML to the server script and everything turned out peachy. I’m overall extremely happy with it. Now that I’m done writing the script. I learned quite a bit more about Javascript that I … Continue reading

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