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C# .NET Programming Tip: Types

Figuring out a variable’s type has become more important since now variables can be boxed by their parent class(s) (Where all can be “Object”). It’s nice because it allows for one generalized function to work with many types that perform an action on a common attribute, or first figure out what the object is and then perform the action. That is one of the instances where figuring out a variables … Continue reading

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Is object orientated PHP scripting worth the effort?

I’m currently creating a movie review website in PHP an SQLite. I’m taking a very object orientated approach. For example, all database access goes through an object. Adding a review is as simple as calling a function with the proper data. Here is the function header: Each parameter is an associative array that corresponds to fields in the database. While I don’t want to get into too much detail, the … Continue reading

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