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GPL-ed my text compare software!

Another piece of software I’m opening up by licensing it with GPLv3. This application allows you to compare text files with a focus on speed and handling larger files through temporary file buffering. GitHub: https://github.com/TheWayOfCoding/TWOCTextFileCompare I also have the first release compiled with Visual Studio’s publish tool if you don’t want to deal with that but want to try the application out. Help me out through donating (Paypal). Here is … Continue reading

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Using Raphael the JavaScript graphics library.

In this example, I go over a simple use of Raphael.js. It draws 4 boxes on the page and allows you to move and resize each independently. Here is the graphics library (licenses under the MIT license): https://dmitrybaranovskiy.github.io/raphael/ Here is my code on GitHub. The basic gist of it is to initialize the primary Raphael object and apply it to the page. After that you create the boxes you want … Continue reading

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