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Setting up a Source Control Server

Lately, I’ve been interested in the benefits of having a dedicated source control server. My goals for the project: 1. Have a dedicated server to store source and other files I’m working on that could benefit from source control and a secondary backup. 2. Have the server accessible through the Internet so that friends who I am working with can access our projects. 3. The server should be as low … Continue reading

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CMS/site project status

1149 lines of code so far. That’s not including and database file initialization code or other things such as the css for the public site. Completed (“somewhat tested”):– Add/edit main page links– Add/edit/delete main page basic html content blocks– Visual template system and the final visual look of the site.– Public index.php looks “done” visually. The main links work and display all basic – content blocks when clicked (ordered by … Continue reading

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