More talk about Google Docs (Drive)

Let me count the ways I find Google Docs (Drive) useful:
1. A centralized location for my texts as I work on them.
2. Easy to access from many types of devices.
3. As long as you keep it up to date, it’s your go-to source.
4. Seems pretty good at spell check and grammar.
5. Basically an off-site backup to any copies of the text you have locally (backup to as many services as you can, you will thank yourself someday).
6. Potentially offer it up in read-only/comment mode for someone to offer their thoughts on or proofread (haven’t done this yet). You can share to individuals or with a custom generated link that’s basically private yet publicly accessible.
7. It completely logs your revisions. You can go back and view them or do whatever else. It’s similar to revision control systems often used in computer programming to track source code files (I use a GIT server myself quite a bit for personal/business projects).

It isn’t perfect. Output from the service, at least for me, requires some revision in Libre Office before I’ve been able to submit it to any type of publishing service. As I mentioned in a previous post, I usually export as “.odt” and then just copy/paste that as unformatted text into a completely fresh document.

My biggest thing lately is relaxing at a restaurant and using my smart phone to edit, write new text, or take notes of ideas that I have. The goal is to chip away at that task until it gets done.

Along with Google Docs, Microsoft’s OneNote service is a good option as well.

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