OCLC Worldcat, not too sure how it works…

I recently noticed that my Scifi book, Creator Sky, is now listed on WorldCat.

I was talking about marketing ideas with a friend and mentioned the idea of asking local libraries to see if they would carry it. He said that a family member of his was an employee of a local library (one that’s in a small city of the metro area, as far as I know they only have one or two branches). It turned out to be a no-go because the book wasn’t listed in something called the OCLC Worldcat database. They apparently use it exclusively with books they have in circulation.

I had dropped that idea of getting in the small library and focused on talking with the larger library system of the city I live in. I’ll talk more about that experience in the future, but basically their response was wonderful.

It’s possible that my library system was the one that managed to get the book listed in that WorldCat system. Maybe they have some type of membership the other smaller library doesn’t. If not, it is possible that CreateSpace just needed some time for their systems to push the data into there and presumably other large databases.

The whole process is a bit hidden in layers of unknowns, but worth researching in the future.


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