Getting the novel into my local library.

After finishing my first print version of Creator Sky, I ended up getting a pretty sizable order of copies made (in retrospect, probably too many).

I contacted my local library system to see if they would be interested in having a few copies to put into circulation. Their response was great!  Basically, they love local authors and would be glad to make it happen. Only about two weeks later I check out my favorite library branch and see this:

The biggest thing I noticed was that I should have put the title of the book on the top of the spine considering libraries put their stickers on the bottom (at least mine does). If… or rather when… I revise the book again in the future I’ll be sure to fix that. It’s something I didn’t even consider in the development phase.

Other than that quirk (and the two errors I know exist in that version of the text), it’s great to see it somewhere people can enjoy it! Now I’m hoping people actually give it a chance and check it out. The more active the book is, the longer it stays in circulation.

The process feels like it won’t end after each little mistake or unforeseen omission, but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, at least for this book outside of attempts at promotion. I still have around 40 copies of this version I need to do something with.

My next idea is maybe a road trip to deposit some copies into the “Little Free Library” system. Well, at least that’s the general idea. I need to research how it all works and what the code of honor is for the whole little library concept. They might frown on it for whatever reason. (Edit: It appears that there is no issue with the idea from what I’ve seen so far.)

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