Started donating books to Little Free Libraries

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was thinking of distributing a decent number of Creator Sky copies through the local Little Free Library system. I had ordered 50 copies that I still have around half left. They have two errors in the interior, but are solid quality copies otherwise. Obviously, my main motivation is promotion, but that’s not the entire story. The book is self-published and pretty much in a black hole right now. Visibility is what I’m grasping for at the moment. Marketplaces that sell the books have the system gamed to support the interests of people already successful (backed by publishers), or ones willing to spend money on advertising (I might a bit in the future). I’d also simply like to get the book out there for people to enjoy. The Little Free Library is a great concept worth supporting.

I decided to augment the books a bit before taking to the little libraries:

In the author page, I put a sticker asking anyone who enjoyed the book to consider writing an online review. That’s really the most important thing in regard to promotion that I can think of. Books online with a large number of legitimate quality reviews get better ranking in online stores. Maybe the only other better case would be general review on a blog or other website with a lot of user reach. Besides that I put another sticker indicating it was from a Little Free Library. It’s partly meant to dissuade people from taking it and keeping it, but also to indicate it was mean to be placed in one.

I still have a good deal of copies of that first printing, so I’m thinking of taking a few road trips to get it out to larger metropolitan areas like the Chicago suburbs.

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