Spent a bit on Twitter and Amazon Advertisements…

The long story short is that not much happened yet.

First off, I noticed it was “national book lovers day” on Twitter and tried it out on a whim. In retrospect, I think I would have been much better off just making the tweet and not promoting it. I’ll get to that reason in a bit.

As you can see in the above screenshot it had 7637 impressions with 8 link clicks (the other engagement listed is literally burning the money with no benefit). I don’t know if it means only the Amazon link, or that and the attached photo link. The 1717 organic views was pretty decent. I don’t think I have had anything near that with my ~70 followers on Twitter.

As I was saying, I probably would have been much better off just making the tweet and not promoting it. There is a natural stigma to anything labeled as promoted or an advertisement. At times I’d personally avoid clicking on something that I consider an advertisement. The promotion might have hurt a bit because people like to think they are buying what they want (when in reality a lot of what people like is heavily ingrained into them with skillful advertising they don’t realize or care about).

$25 is a small amount of money in the advertising world, so I guess I’ll leave that up to not having the cash to step above the white noise. I was irritated by the fact that before paying for the advertisement, Twitter showed that I would get around 32,000 impressions for that $25. Talk about bait and switch!

Amazon was a little better, but also didn’t result in anything specific.

I’ve been adjusting the CPC bid from 20 cents to 2 dollars throughout the time I’ve had it running.

It was up to 22,500 views with 9 clicks and then I upped my bid to $2 on the 15th. It’s funny how my clicks jumped from 9 to 17 in 2000 hits… Maybe with a higher bid the book gets better placements, or maybe Amazon games their system to make cash. Either way, having a bid around 25 cents to a dollar didn’t do any worse than $2, because neither resulted in a sale so far (might be my product/pricing isn’t appealing, who knows). It’s better than Twitter, but not that great either. Maybe a low bid for a long period of time would work best to just get views.

Amazon overall seemed more reasonable that Twitter, especially since I had well over double the impressions for less money. I might try Amazon again in the future with a low budget long term setup (eg. a dollar budget per day with a low bid).

I’m considering doing advertisements on Facebook and Google Adwords. Maybe another $25 for each of those. With how the other two performed, I’m not exactly rushing to do it. I don’t know if ~28,000 views and 26 clicks was worth the $45…

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