BUZZ (Chapter 16)

I voiced chapters 1 to 16:
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Just as we come close to the middle bench, I hear a faint high-pitched buzzing noise. It is almost what I would describe as a motor that is used in toy remote-controlled vehicles. Instantly after the noise stops, the lights flicker for a split second and a deafening whooshing sound comes from behind. I turn around as quickly as possible to see that Levin is being sucked out of the transport door he was standing directly in front of before it started to open. In the indiscernible moment before I can communicate to my limbs, I experience the internal emotion of utter shock. I see him flailing to grasp one of the smooth metal frames of a door panel while the remainder of him is in open space. It is all in vain, and I know I can’t do anything to save him. The pressure is so great that I need to act as quickly as possible to assure my own survival.

I see a quick blur of motion to my side and try to react, but it happens so quickly due to the aid of additional air being sucked out of vents above us. A reverberative clash sounds out as Leena’s shoulder and head meet with the bench in front of us. A muted yelp is outputted, but difficult to discern in these conditions. She probably went instantly unconscious from that.

With the situation clear, I get onto my knees and wrap one of my legs around the bench’s base while bending down as quickly as I can to grasp her arm. Luckily, her wrists are thin, allowing for a superior amount of clamping force in my grip. With a strong tug and my muscles flexing to their limits, I get her close enough that I’m able to pick her up around the waist with my other arm. Now with Leena firmly held, I start trying to work my way down toward the internal exit, taking hold of each bench’s armrest and base legs in succession. Transport bays normally have safeguard systems that automatically shut down the entrance sequence if humans life-signs are present, but I can’t expect that to be functioning given the current circumstances. My only hope is to make it to the interior doors before I’m physically unable to do so.

Two benches to go until we reach an exit. Grabbing for each new bench support leg is more difficult than the last. The doors are opening wider every second as more breathable atmosphere is being sucked out into space at the same time…


Well, I hope you have enjoyed the book so far! Around two paragraphs and one chapter after this is where I stopped the book in 2011. I released it as a novelette without any success. Now we are here at a full novel that I finished in late 2016. I just couldn’t leave it as it was. This point in the book is around 1/5th of the way through. I’m hoping that you consider picking up a copy to see how things go for the Solar System. I’d eventually like to make at least one continuation to this book, but it’s extremely difficult considering the amount of time spent. My tentative title is called “Leading Sky”. Feel free to contact me with your questions and thoughts, or if you just want to know what happens with these two. I’ll gladly tell you if they survive!

Here are places online that you can find the book: CreateSpace (Print), Amazon (Print), Barnes & Noble (Print), Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook,, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple iTunes

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