SEARCH (Chapter 2)

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There is a sterile office room covered in gray surfaces spanning everything from floor to ceiling. Two lone souls sitting at a workstation terminal are surrounded by a room-encompassing human relations machine. The room has a thick atmosphere of electronic warmth with a slight hint of ozone due to an insufficient level of ventilation. The workers are too busy to be bothered by the uncomfortable office environment because an important contracted job needs to be filled. The search was started a few minutes ago by inputting the expected needs of the position they are looking to fill. The machine had already given them the basic details on a few candidates, but none had yet to peak their fancy. They eventually come upon a highly ranked candidate by the name of Sky Smith.

Sky is a male, according to his parental file, they wanted to somehow get their son out of the tragically generic Smith family name. Besides that, no details were given as to why “Sky” was chosen. The name seems to have worked, but probably not quite as the parents had intended.

“Maybe it was for his sake, but they should have gone with something a bit more masculine…” says one of the workers abruptly without much thought behind it.

The worker is about to continue, but the other person interrupts his rant: “The six solar power-generation space stations around the planet all need to be processed by our organization at some point. We need to get a producer assigned quickly. It’s not a time to be too picky, especially about their name.”

“Fine, let’s look at him in more detail. I want to get someone assigned before our first break time, not in the middle of it!”
They start looking over his historic citizen creator statistics. It contains a full mixture of technical and artistic skills, with a large consumer following in the documentary style of photography. At face value, he seems like a perfect match for what they need.

This is the first opportunity in many years that a representative of the citizen’s group will be allowed inside key Government facilities with full access. They need someone with skills in photography for posting to the citizen content network, but also the ability to write the related technical articles that will give the general populous some insight into the current state of Solar System power generation.

The ideal candidate will be the public eyes and ears to what is going on, and a person who won’t pull any punches when it comes to citizen access rights. Citizens earned those rights through many world changing events over the last two centuries, but it isn’t easy for a citizen to exercise them in this current political climate. Security has been tight at most major Government facilities, but we can’t really blame them. The frequent attacks and sabotage do cause problems for everyone.

Solar power has been the highest producer of global power for 115 years. Primarily from advancements in material science that allowed for solar to be highly efficient in conversion, with the large benefit of low maintenance. Besides the six Earth tethered solar plants, called Solgens, there are also near Earth and deep space facilities that are primarily focused on power generation. The immediate facilities provide a sizable amount of power to Earth, whereas the deep space facilities act as safe havens for various Solar System based operations. Fusion is, of course, a part of the equation, but it requires more care and has yet to take over as the ideal energy-positive power source. Solar even plays a part in the fusion power process, because a significant amount of power is needed to form the plasma that is part of the fusion initialization process. The technical difficulties of energy positive output in a fusion process is apparently still a challenge for Government engineers.

One of the workers ask the AI system to give a general analysis of Sky’s history and qualifications: “His education was in Tech-Logic sciences. A pretty average GPA, but what stands out is the multitude of work both inside and outside of the required schooling period. The quality of his work after the mandatory schooling period is what makes him a strong enough candidate, however it is still a little strange as to why he ranked so high on the list. Well, that strong motivation to put in effort and his future simulated appeal numbers with all citizen sub-groups are probably what justified the rank. Having what amounts to a trustworthy and dedicated observer will be ideal for your needs. He has an extremely high popularity rating among many classes of citizen consumers.”

One of the workers says out loud, “The AI candidate matching system does put him in the approval section with a high rank. Good enough, don’t you agree? Let’s make a contact point of access to him right now. Assistant, contact point to Sky Smith; Geo Region 01 Section 3 Alpha…”

The AI system responds, “Sky’s contact assistant has been reached… displaying.”

“This is Regnald, Sky Smith’s virtual butler and automated response system. Let me know your business and I’ll see what I can do for you!”

“This is the Citizen’s Right-To-Know group of the Technical Government Projects Office, we would like to speak with Sky about a potential on-site creator and documentation contract.”

Regnald responds promptly to this information: “What form of content are you looking for?”

“A Citizen’s Right-To-Know contract beginning with the tethered Solgen plants and future trips to other active Government projects in their technical division. That’s going to be for the entire Solar System. This is a multi year full-course excursion to everything Government administered. We are getting access to important facilities this time!”

“I suspect that Sky will be interested. He should be with you shortly, please stand by.”

The automated messaging system red flags this contact and immediately notifies Sky. Meanwhile, Sky is just enjoying the afternoon as he writes a quick article about the new digital camera he received for producer testing and examination. He almost seems to be waiting for something meaningful to happen today.

“Sky, there is a call for you in progress that I think you should take with utmost haste. It deals with the Citizen’s Right-To-Know group and the Government’s technical division.” Regnald immediately gives Sky all of the details on his terminal screen as well as a summary in verbal form.

After only about a minute of deliberation, Sky takes action. It isn’t surprising given the sheer prominence of this opportunity.
“Great, thanks Regnald. I’ll take the call.”

Sky is connected to the Citizen’s Right-To-Know representatives and says, “Thanks for contacting me. I’m interested in your contract, how would you like to proceed?”

The tag team of representatives go for the most obvious question first.

“First off, please tell us about your educational ideals. The AI system mentioned your average GPA, yet we still feel that you are a solid candidate for this position.”

“I think that the best producers focus on concept rather than regurgitating memorized information for the purposes of testing. Understanding the whole picture and being able to apply that knowledge, with skill, has always been my focus. I prefer to do the work that results in a useful final product rather than something that amounts to a mostly meaningless score on a terminal screen. The small details people are forced to memorize for tests can be looked up as needed when doing the actual work. The final product is a culmination of high level concepts and a strong general understanding of the given topic. I always thought that GPA was pretty meaningless. I didn’t put much effort into maintaining it in my schooling period.”

“I see, we have seen some of your photographic work in the social access point and were impressed. Where do you stand with written documentary work?”

“That is one of my passions, although with Government access being what it is these days, there is a limitation to where I can go. I love the possibilities that new situations naturally bring, and in turn I love to document my travels for the benefit of citizens.”

“We can, of course, help you with access. You would essentially be the eyes and ears of the Citizen’s Right-To-Know group, although with that comes some risk.”

“Yes, I am aware of the situation, especially outside of Earth’s surface. It doesn’t bother me.”

“Good, we should be able to come to some form of agreement. As mentioned before, we will start with a look into the six Solgen stations. An assessment from both a technical and social standpoint is the main goal, but there are others. We will forward you a document with the given public compensation norms, as well as details and requirements of this contract. Upon successful completion of the forms, we can get started. We look forward to processing your paperwork soon. Best regards, signing off.”

“Regards to you as well. Thanks.”

Here are places online that you can find the book: CreateSpace (Print), Amazon (Print), Barnes & Noble (Print), Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook,, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple iTunes

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