SECURE (Chapter 7)

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I now notice that Leena is about a foot shorter than I am. I see, as we enter the adjacent room, that she is almost a bit elf or pixie like in facial features, which fits well with what I’ve seen of her personality.

The thick door closes behind us with a soft thud, most likely due to a slight variation in air pressure. This place has what I’d consider a level of gravity that is much closer to what we experience on Earth. It isn’t as strong, but I don’t find myself naturally skipping as opposed to walking. This area of the station is an expansive rectangular space that has a tall ceiling and a multitude of opened and closed doorways lining the walls. In the center of the room are various semi-enclosed structures where I can see many people in meetings. As well as others who are taking breaks or are at personal cube shaped workstations. There are probably around 100 or so individuals in the visible vicinity going about their business, all of them in similar orange suits like Leena is wearing.

“This is the main common area that most of the station directly connects to. It’s quite big, isn’t it? Although, maybe that’s just because I’m kind of short!” She hops up on both legs with her arms straight to her sides, acting like she is trying to see over my head. Her face contorts into a half smile and her eyebrows shift upwards after realizing it is just barely impossible: “Anyways, most of the communal things happen here such as meetings and lunch breaks. It’s a great way for everyone, regardless of current job position, to come into contact with everyone else on occasion. It helps form a bond of teamwork and camaraderie.”

I take a few quick wide-angle photos with my small pocket camera I kept with me. Composition here isn’t key because I can always crop them later. Even small equipment has enough resolution.

“Leena, it is impressive… So what’s next?”

Before she gets to say another word, three large sounding people come up from behind my field of vision, but they were loud enough that I noticed them a good distance away. They are wearing standard issue orange jumpsuits, but have blue patches on their shoulders with the text S.S. embroidered onto them. The largest of the group, who has a gold outline on his patches starts the introduction process.

“Hello Sky, I’m the head of station security. The name is Demicos Ables. To my left is Thu Samovong and right is Mark Walker.” I receive a short nod in unison from the two gentleman next to Demicos. “They are my two section chiefs of all station security matters. If you have any questions or concerns, please use any of the voice activated terminals to ask for us by name or work position. You basically have access to the entire station, but we prefer you spend most of that time with you liaison Leena. The construction areas can be somewhat dangerous to individuals who are not familiar with our processes and procedures. That’s about it, I hope you enjoy your stay and hope everything works out well for your task at hand as a citizen observer.”

“Alright, thanks for your help. I appreciate the friendly greeting.”

The three men walk off and split into three directions like fighter planes performing an aerial maneuver.
“A nice bunch of guys. I don’t suspect having any access issues if Demicos is the main authority.”

“Yes, they are. We occasionally play card games after our work for the day is finished and our schedules line up. Though, they aren’t the only Government group dealing with station security. The main group, that Demicos is in charge of, handles everything that doesn’t require top-level security. There are some areas such as the fusion generator and tether control room that are special cases. I can fill you in on that later. Let’s go to your room and get you situated for the night. I have some tasks I have to attend to, so once there, you will be on your own for the rest of the daytime cycle.”

Here are places online that you can find the book: CreateSpace (Print), Amazon (Print), Barnes & Noble (Print), Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook,, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple iTunes

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