A few days later… 2

I’ve decided to work with a law firm to get started. I received the go-ahead from my employer to get started. So that means if I utilize a lawyer, then I have a better chance of getting things going right away without days or weeks of research. I want to take care of everything thing myself, but time is money. Not to mention I don’t want to miss anything that would cause me legal troubles, or miss anything that could save me unnecessary taxes or other money.

A coworker of mine was in same situation a year or two ago. He had quite a few issues starting up due to choosing the wrong help (started with a CPA, then onto a bad lawyer). Eventually he got things sorted out and is now working with a quality firm. I talked to him about his firm and it sounds like one that would fit for me as well. They seem to have a guided hands off approach, so that will work with my desire to eventually manage things myself.

I emailed them on Friday and received a prompt response. I wrote quite a large email, and he agreed with the major points, saying that it is good I am proactive about the technical aspects.

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