Details about this book.

This book is meant to be read from start to finish as it is a chronological account of my Limited Liability Company from start to finish. I feel that it will be helpful to people in similar situations, or even someone just looking to take on all aspects of a small business themselves. The primary focus is on taxation, legal issues I ran into, and ideas I had to make my LLC taxed as an s-corporation a success financially (such as s-corporation taxation election, self-employed IRA, and Health Savings Account). It should be said that no warranty or assurance to the validity of the information in this book is provided, so read at your own risk. Content of the book was initially written in a weblog as the events were happening, so it shows how difficult many aspects of starting and managing a business are for someone who isn’t part of the finance or business fields. Keep in mind that knowledge was built as I went along, so you will find that I made wrong assumptions, which were eventually corrected toward the end of the book. I went back through the text and included edits as necessary to resolve any misconceptions I had at the time for the sake of readers.

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