Saturday, September 13, 2008 Part 2

The business world loves paper.

I’ve noticed that everything in the business world wants paper and signatures. For example, I want to access my business credit card online. To do that I had to fill out an online form and then send in the form with my signature. A bit extreme if you ask me, but that is coming from a sole proprietor…

Another example is anything to do with the government. Almost every change in EFTPS means they send me another letter. Talk about a paper trail.

It’s wasteful if you ask me. Seriously, if I were running the show I would implement an easy to use national system that can manage business and personal taxation for both federal and states levels. All filings and forms would in digital format, such as PDF.

Right now I’m installing QuickBooks “Simple Start” to see if it is a contender for my accounting needs. Microsoft’s accounting program is becoming less likely all the time. I attempted to create an invoice, but it requires MS office installed. GNU Cash doesn’t appear to have any functionality like that, but I expected as such. The other option would be to make or find forms I need.

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