Sunday, February 1, 2009


I did my W-2 to myself wrong. More specifically, I was putting values into social security at my actual rate instead of 1/2 which is the rate that people pay (the employer plays the other half). Same goes for medicare taxes. I also screwed up with the wages field because I did not deduct the money I paid to my retirement plan. (box 1) should be less than (box 3) and (box 5), if you have money going into a 401k plan. I submitted a w-2c through with the fixes….

Edit: Double ugh, I didn’t change the rate of state taxes. I should have made it the lower rate from (box 1) too. Oh well I’ll just submit another revision….

I’ve been going through TaxCut (the first program I bought, the one I will use for only personal taxes). It hasn’t been to bad so far. It found those issues in my W-2. So far I’ve got a refund going. Enough to pay for these two programs and then a bit extra. (assuming the IRS doesn’t go after me for whatever reason).

Once I’m all done with everything. I need to get re-organized. Move everything 2008 to an archive and continue with to 2009.

Another irritating thing is I can’t login into that HSA account online. Tried emailing them in early January with no response. Maybe I should look for a local replacement (just thinking here). Always… always something to waste time. It is a good learning experience though.

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