The beginning of July, 2008

As I post this, it is 10pm, ideally I should sleep around 9pm, yet I rarely if ever do that. Maybe it’s my obsessive nature, or maybe it was those two cups of green tea I drank at dinner.

Anyways, my goal here is to document and store data about my transition from working for a staffing agency at my employer to being in business for myself. I’ve already researched a decent amount about what I need to do, but there seems like quite a bit more I need to do before I take the plunge.

Who am I?
A 26 year old software developer in Illinois, USA.

What is the point of converting to my own business?

– Fame and fortune? Maybe… excluding the 27% increase in pay, I plan on using my new found business ability for other ventures.
– Getting rid of a staffing agency that just happened to have an agreement with the company I work for? Most definitely.
– Dropping the staffing agency for other reasons like their pseudo-group health insurance that is insanely expensive, yeah, that too. HSA here I come.
– Breaking the knowledge barrier to starting a business. Hopefully no lawyers or CPAs for me. I love to learn and do things on my own.

While I’m expecting a lot of extra work, I look forward to it. Taking my financial future into my own hands as apposed to just taking a paycheck, is something I’ve always wanted to accomplish.

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