Thursday, January 22, 2009

More things to file…

Got my W-2 in the mail today from myself. That website is pretty nice!

I can’t do anything until I get the w-2 from the staffing agency for half the year I was working for them.

I was looking through the Illinois TaxNet website when I was trying to pay some estimated taxes. They had a “file IL W-3″ link. Filled that out and submitted it. I don’t assume the federal government and state share information, so it’s probably best that I submitted it. That will be yet another thing I have to remember for next year. I assume the state has the same due date for the w-3 as the federal government does (February 28th I believe). seems to be currently offline. Hopefully that is just temporary. If not I’ll have to figure out the standard way people submit estimated taxes it it doesn’t start working by next month.

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