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Website CSS style adjustments

I’ve further adjusted this site’s Style Sheet code so that posts and pages have separate formatting. My posts didn’t work well with indented paragraphs, but I wasn’t separating the CSS code between the two. I was able to create a “class” for the pages so that I could keep indenting (text-indent: 3em) on those, but have normal spacing on these posts. It looks a lot better. I’ll have to think … Continue reading

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First full book on the site is Creator Sky Volume 1

I moved the book from to here. The biggest benefit is that the text is much easier to read and broken up into chapters. Paragraphs are now tabbed, spaced, and justified like you would expect a book to be formatted. It’s a better reading experience by far. You can read the book here. I’m in the final stages of editing book 2 of this series. I plan on having … Continue reading

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A website for my writing.

This sub domain on will hold ongoing stories, samples of books, and even entire books. Any full chapters of existing or future work will be formatted as pages and anything ongoing that’s intended to be limited will be posts in a blog format.

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