Month: February 2008

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: Types

    Figuring out a variable’s type has become more important since now variables can be boxed by their parent class(s) (Where all can be “Object”). It’s nice because it allows for one generalized function to work with many types that perform an action on a common attribute, or first figure out what the object is and […]

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: Connecting to an Oracle Database

    Take not that Microsoft will discontinue support for System.Data.OracleClient in .NET 4.0. This method should still work, but it will be depreciated… Please view this post for a better way to connect to Oracle. Ugh, I spent a good 6 hours figuring out how to do this! Hopefully this post can save someone some time. […]

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: Keeping A History With Properties

    The program I am writing at work’s primary functionality is a checklist. One of the requested features is the ability to record what actions a user performs on the checklist. So there needs to be some additional code that updates a history table whenever a user makes any changes to the checklist. Let’s define when […]

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: FlowLayoutPanel Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working

    Ahh, some if you may notice that the mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work by default with FlowLayoutPanels. Yeah, this little thing has frustrated me for a while. I usually check the Internet for solutions to problems I have been having. Most likely someone has posted on a message board about the same problem and the […]

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: Using the Tag property of controls

    I’ve been doing C# programming at my job lately. Throughout the process I’ve hit a few little walls that were difficult to find answers for and thought writing down the solutions here would be good for myself any anyone who happens to find this by-way-of search engine. So as I come upon these little bits […]