Month: October 2010

  • Setting up Subversion (SVN) on Ubuntu Linux

    After getting the Android SDK and Eclipse IDE installed and running, I started on getting Subversion ready for our first project. Here are the general steps necessary. For my configuration there is a Ubuntu server that I connect through ssh and will need to do the same to connect to SVN after everything is configured. […]

  • Setting up the Android SDK in Linux (Eclipse IDE)

    While it’s generally pretty “easy” to setup the Android SDK in Linux (in my case Ubuntu 10.04), there are a few quirks that required some searching on the Internet to figure out. The SDK and related items are located here: Here is the general process I went through to get things running: – Install […]

  • Securing WordPress Continued…

    I had written a basic securing wordpress article back in February of this year. Since then I’ve done a bit more research and came upon the idea of using Apache to help secure the administration directory and scripts, making it more difficult for intrusions to take place. It’s always a good idea to try and […]