Month: March 2022

  • GPL-ed my text compare software!

    Another piece of software I’m opening up by licensing it with GPLv3. This application allows you to compare text files with a focus on speed and handling larger files through temporary file buffering. Visit the GitHub page here. I also have the first release compiled with Visual Studio’s publish tool if you don’t want to […]

  • GPL-ed My 2D Tile Based Map Editor

    As I’ve started to consider getting back into computer work, I’m trying to refresh my memory and grow further. Today I released, with the GPLv3 license, a 2D tile based map editor I wrote in C# WinForms. If you are into software and game development this might be of interest to you! The video doesn’t […]

  • Made an app to quickly get short ebay affiliate links.

    This article will be more about concepts than code. I’m not sure how ebay, and indirectly Impact the affiliate network, feel about programmatic website interaction. I’m also writing this well after I had created a working version of the program, so I’m working off of what information I gather after the fact. At one point, […]