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Historic frequency based random lotto number generator.

This example is a little program to generate random numbers based on historic lotto results. Each potential result pull is weighted based on past results. The full project is available on GitHub here. First, we need to store the historic data. In this case I use an instance of SortedDictionary. There is a possible range of 01 to 52 lotto values. I pulled the frequency data from online sources. In … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi GIT Server Notes

Edit: I updated my RP GIT server and made more notes here. Here are my notes for setting up GIT on Raspberry Pi and using a Windows client (TortoiseGit). I’ve been using this little thing as a GIT server for around 5 months now and I love it. Here is the quick notes I took while getting things setup. It’s probably really disjointed, but you might find some helpful tips … Continue reading

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FXAA Shader Anti-aliasing in XNA 4.0 Winforms

I had the challenge of trying to get some type of anti-aliasing in a project that uses the winforms method of XNA 4 that was being run on a laptop in REACH mode. My first step was figuring out a method to use. I found quite a few shader based methods available, but I could get none of them to work. FXAA written by a engineer at NVIDIA seemed like … Continue reading

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