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Using blogger.com as a website instead of a blog

Thanks to the new functionality I am able to use the free blogger.com blogs as a website. It’s all thinks to functionally they added after Google acquired them. For example I created a custom template for my sister’s graphic/fashion/photography design website. In this post I’ll go over the basics that allow this to work. 1. Google allows custom domain names. This means the whole website can have a professional look … Continue reading

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A few mishaps while getting the site ready

The ajax/json site is fully functional now. I had a few problems though that I’ll discuss here. First off, the simple hosting that is provided my my isp isn’t working correctly, so I had to look for an alternative host to do testing on. I found 50webs.com which provides 60mb of free bannerless hosting. They even allow you to use domain names with their free service, which is great. I … Continue reading

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