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  • Fixing code examples on this site.

    This website was started in 2010. Before that I was writing articles on a Blogspot blog that I had integrated into the website. While there are only around 85 articles currently on the site, the article data has been through a lot. Text is generally pretty easy to upkeep, but programming code appears to be […]

  • ChatGPT is a new (and faster) way to do programming!

    ChatGPT is a new (and faster) way to do programming!

    Currently ChatGPT is in a free “initial research preview”. One of its well known use cases at this point is generating software code. I’ve also just used it to write most of this article… Well, actually a future article about cleaning up SRT subtitle files of their metadata faster than I have been by hand […]

  • C#: Using WebClient on CSV Formatted Stock Data

    In this example I wrote a program to pull historic stock data from the ticker “DIS” over the past 10 days from the current date (it will be less than 10 results because weekends don’t have data). I used the .NET Framework WebClient object to request and return the data as a string that I […]

  • C#: Using the Background Worker to thread your application processing.

    In this article I go over using the background worker control in C# .NET Framework (Visual Studio 2015). This control allows you to easily do processing intensive tasks without locking up your interface thread. I use this a lot in winforms applications where I expect code to take any amount of time that the user […]