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VB.NET is a pleasure

I started using VB.NET to write that JSON/FTP/site editor program. I found a free ready made library to work with the JSON data. It’s from Newtonsoft Really easy to use. They don’t have much documentation, but just looking through the library with IntelliSense in the VB IDE is more than enough to understand how to use it. With around 6 lines of code I can flip data between CLR objects … Continue reading

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Making an easy to update site on a server without any server-side code

I guess you could call this part three of the “ajax, json, html, css, easy to update non-server-scripted website series!” This time I will get into my design plans for the client application. It has not been created yet, so there will be some guess work here. Writing this will also help me figure out what exactly I am trying to accomplish here. Now that the website is:A simple xhtml … Continue reading

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