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Javascript & HTML: Async Communication Prototype

In this article I go over an asynchronous communication prototype I had made in straight Javascript that you use to POST to a server script and pass along the response to a Javascript function specified by the initial call to the prototype. The main benefit here is that you don’t need a full page refresh, which is great for implementing web interfaces that have an application feel to them. It … Continue reading

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Working with Regular Expressions in C#

I’ve been working on a program that needs to parse a html file for form data.  So when I was deciding what method to use, a few popped right into my mind. The first being a character by character search through the string.  Parsing through the data and flagging sections that fit the signature of what was being searched for. The second would be automating that by using the built-in … Continue reading

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Flash video in a website

While researching about displaying video in web pages I came upon a good [free] solution. It uses: Free and open source flash based video player called FlowPlayer. Their website: http://flowplayer.sourceforge.net/ To encode the videos into the flv video format I used a free tool called Riva FLV Encoder. Their website: http://rivavx.de/?encoder Why a flash player as apposed to quicktime/windows media player/real player? A lot more people have Adobe Flash installed … Continue reading

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