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  • Javascript & HTML: Async Communication Prototype

    In this article I go over an asynchronous communication prototype I had made in straight Javascript that you use to POST to a server script and pass along the response to a Javascript function specified by the initial call to the prototype. The main benefit here is that you don’t need a full page refresh, […]

  • Working with Regular Expressions in C#

    I’ve been working on a program that needs to parse a html file for form data.  So when I was deciding what method to use, a few popped right into my mind. The first being a character by character search through the string.  Parsing through the data and flagging sections that fit the signature of […]

  • Flash video in a website

    While researching about displaying video in web pages I came upon a good [free] solution. It uses: Free and open source flash based video player called FlowPlayer. Their website: http://flowplayer.sourceforge.net/ To encode the videos into the flv video format I used a free tool called Riva FLV Encoder. Their website: http://rivavx.de/?encoder Why a flash player […]

  • No, but there is more…much more thanks to my new friend ajax.

    As I mentioned in the previous post, I made a static website in html, css, javascript, and json. It works pretty good and that’s great. The problem is my sister is the one who should be adding/editing content because it is her site. So the question is, how can I make an easily update-able site […]