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VB.NET is a pleasure

I started using VB.NET to write that JSON/FTP/site editor program. I found a free ready made library to work with the JSON data. It’s from Newtonsoft Really easy to use. They don’t have much documentation, but just looking through the library with IntelliSense in the VB IDE is more than enough to understand how to use it. With around 6 lines of code I can flip data between CLR objects … Continue reading

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A few mishaps while getting the site ready

The ajax/json site is fully functional now. I had a few problems though that I’ll discuss here. First off, the simple hosting that is provided my my isp isn’t working correctly, so I had to look for an alternative host to do testing on. I found 50webs.com which provides 60mb of free bannerless hosting. They even allow you to use domain names with their free service, which is great. I … Continue reading

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No, but there is more…much more thanks to my new friend ajax.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I made a static website in html, css, javascript, and json. It works pretty good and that’s great. The problem is my sister is the one who should be adding/editing content because it is her site. So the question is, how can I make an easily update-able site that is on a server without any server-side coding functionality? I had figured out pretty … Continue reading

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