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.NET MONO Which Operating System is Running?

Do you want to execute operating system specific code (exes) in the .NET/Mono framework? I’ll go over how you can do that. Below is part of a class I had written that can determine if Linux or Windows is running. Keep in mind that for the code to properly detect Mac OS, you will need to figure out the proper platform number and modify the code respectively. I had written … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on a personal project with a friend for quite a while now.  To make a long story short it deals with loading/editing/saving large quantities of public geographic data. Lately we have been throwing around the idea of having our database server’s OS in Linux instead of Windows 2000. Which brings me to the MONO project. I’ve started testing some code I wrote in C# (a console application … Continue reading

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Getting .NET COM Interop DLLs Working

I recently finished working on a macro program where the software’s interface is COM.  Everything worked great until I wanted to transfer the macro over to a test client computer.  The program I was writing the macro for requires some registry entries, so I assumed that was all I needed to do.  After about 2 hours of having issues I figured out how to get the macro working on computers … Continue reading

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