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Working with Regular Expressions in C#

I’ve been working on a program that needs to parse a html file for form data.  So when I was deciding what method to use, a few popped right into my mind. The first being a character by character search through the string.  Parsing through the data and flagging sections that fit the signature of what was being searched for. The second would be automating that by using the built-in … Continue reading

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Drupal: CMS Migration To A Server

I’ve been modifying Drupal (drupal.org) for a neighborhood organization website. It took a little research as, like most similar open-source projects, the documentation leaves something to be desired. I now have the site to a point where I want to put it up on the Internet. I have some hosting, so I got the domain… and bam, it’s on the web right? Well no. I feel it is necessary to … Continue reading

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No surprise, the custom CMS was put on the back burner

As I mentioned in the previous post I had my custom CMS site reasonably functional. From that time as I worked with the director, I found out that they were using a CMS system already. No point in trying to reinvent the wheel as it’s said. It’s called Sohoadmin and it works pretty well all things considered. I would not call it that user friendly, but seeing as I am … Continue reading

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