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.NET Path.Combine() in PHP

I’m the type of person who prefers to do things in a way that I perceive as the proper or correct way. While this tends to make things take a bit longer to accomplish, I feel the result ends up being better overall. One such thing I noticed is that file and path handling in PHP was missing a function I used quite a bit when writing C# code. In … Continue reading

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Speed up Netbeans in Ubuntu Linux

Java Netbeans is a pretty decent editor for PHP code. I use Linux Ubuntu now for my primary desktop computer, so it’s quite convenient and easy to get running. One issue is that in default configuration the program is a bit slow feeling. Doing a quick search I found this page: http://performance.netbeans.org/howto/jvmswitches/ Which describes a few command line parameters that might help the IDE function faster. I’m currently running the … Continue reading

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DLL Files And .NET ClickOnce Deployment

I want to deploy one of my .NET apps as a ClickOnce application. The issue is that I am connecting to Oracle (see previous posts here and here). Connecting to Oracle requires at least, 4 DLL files that generally have to be in the same directory as the EXE file. The issue is that when the program is published, the DLLs are not referenced in any way, so the program … Continue reading

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