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  • .NET Path.Combine() in PHP

    I’m the type of person who prefers to do things in a way that I perceive as the proper or correct way. While this tends to make things take a bit longer to accomplish, I feel the result ends up being better overall. One such thing I noticed is that file and path handling in […]

  • Speed up Netbeans in Ubuntu Linux

    Java Netbeans is a pretty decent editor for PHP code. I use Linux Ubuntu now for my primary desktop computer, so it’s quite convenient and easy to get running. One issue is that in default configuration the program is a bit slow feeling. Doing a quick search I found this page: http://performance.netbeans.org/howto/jvmswitches/ Which describes a […]

  • DLL Files And .NET ClickOnce Deployment

    I want to deploy one of my .NET apps as a ClickOnce application. The issue is that I am connecting to Oracle (see previous posts here and here). Connecting to Oracle requires at least, 4 DLL files that generally have to be in the same directory as the EXE file. The issue is that when […]

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: Oracle Connection Revised

    Take not that Microsoft will discontinue support for System.Data.OracleClient in .NET 4.0. This method should still work, but it will be depreciated… Now that I have had more time to work with Oracle, I found a better way to connect then described in my previous post. With this new method you can connect to multiple […]

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: Types

    Figuring out a variable’s type has become more important since now variables can be boxed by their parent class(s) (Where all can be “Object”). It’s nice because it allows for one generalized function to work with many types that perform an action on a common attribute, or first figure out what the object is and […]

  • C# .NET Programming Tip: Using the Tag property of controls

    I’ve been doing C# programming at my job lately. Throughout the process I’ve hit a few little walls that were difficult to find answers for and thought writing down the solutions here would be good for myself any anyone who happens to find this by-way-of search engine. So as I come upon these little bits […]

  • Flash video in a website

    While researching about displaying video in web pages I came upon a good [free] solution. It uses: Free and open source flash based video player called FlowPlayer. Their website: http://flowplayer.sourceforge.net/ To encode the videos into the flv video format I used a free tool called Riva FLV Encoder. Their website: http://rivavx.de/?encoder Why a flash player […]